Subtle Energy Work from any Distance

Attuning the Etheric Body

I have a technique for remote-viewing the etheric body of any subject, and can direct energy to release blockages, take static out of the system and allow a deeper connection with the inherent loving power of the Universal force that animates and sustains all.

Effects ripple downward, inward, outward and upward.

Many, many years experience. All I need is a name and date of birth.

No front-loading necessary – I don’t need to know diagnoses, medications, conditions, physical, mental or emotional woes.

I will send anyone an attunement, anywhere, at no charge.

Judge for yourself whether there is any change over several days.

If you want to continue the series, the charge is $300.

A series consists of 4 – 6 Etheric Attunements over a week or two.

This brings the client into harmony with their environment on a deep level in present time.

Some people may want to repeat the attunement periodically. When I have given you either your complimentary attunement or completed a series, you will receive a simple email to let you know "It is done."

If you have a positive experience, feel free to share your results.

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